Silly Student Critics

I will say one of the hardest things that I have had to overcome in school for Advertising and Graphic Design is constructive criticism!  I always find it hard to tell people how I really feel about their designs.  I always say “Looks great!”  “Nice design!” I have to press delete and say what I am really thinking! “That background would look great with a pattern since your design has a lot of white space and is simple.” mine are no where perfect so I take criticism when I can get it!  I have learned that you have to provide positive feedback first and then negative later.  I find that if you offer solutions to a design with negative feedback it becomes more of a team effort than being a harsh critic.  It is very rewarding when the designer makes the change and is excited about the outcome thanking you in the end I have been on both ends of this.  Others seemed to almost enjoy being negative.  You can almost hear maniacal laughter inside the speakers of your laptop as you are reading comments on fellow classmates projects. No one is a perfect designer!!

It is important to know that you will be doing this for the rest of your design career whether you own a firm or are freelancing from home (sometimes clients need advice).  You have to give good constructive criticism even in your daily lives with family and spouses without sounding to judgmental and OVER confident.  Wiki How has this nice little snippet of information.  Sometimes simple advice can seem silly, but not taking advice and using it to better yourself seems the most silly!



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