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30 Minute Mockup Challenge…

Worst work ever!  We had a challenge in a design class where we had to do 3 30 minute mockups for Junior Aquatics.  Now looking at these, this was a time before I have mastered using mockups so I did cut and paste practically and it went so wrong.  Here are my embarrassing 30 minute... Continue Reading →

Design after Sketch

  80 sketches later In my latest post I uploaded a hefty amount of sketches..."ONLY" 40 but in total there was 80!  It helped a lot with my design process and gave me a great finished project for Think Big Conference.

Sketches On Sketches

Love Hate Relationship I cannot express enough how important it is to me to get my ideas down on paper before beginning to execute them on software.  I am so surprised when I hear of other designers taking on the design headfirst in their adobe suite without an ounce of creative brain juice flowing.  Some... Continue Reading →

Silly Student Critics

I will say one of the hardest things that I have had to overcome in school for Advertising and Graphic Design is constructive criticism!  I always find it hard to tell people how I really feel about their designs.  I always say "Looks great!"  "Nice design!" I have to press delete and say what I am... Continue Reading →

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